LN-QRM 208: ZenCasting



Editor’s Note: We tried ZenCastr for the first time and it worked great! Skype, however, dropped all of us at once during the show. I left the mayhem of the dropped call as seen by the individual tracks in ZenCastr. It was fun to listen to!

Recorded: 5 March 2016

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty, & Michael

Podcaster’s Anonymous BooZe—Review

  • Michael – Revel Stoke Roasted Pecan Whisky
  • Barry – Jim-Jiminie Coke
  • Joel –  CB Brandy and Coke
  • Barty – J&B Brandy

Days of our Lives

  • Barry – FlexSteel Recliner ordered
  • Michael –     Ooo, What’s that smell?
  •  Joel – Found and subscribed to a YouTube channel “BullshitKorner”  look for him on Facebook
  • Michael – Don’t ask…

Geek Corner

  • Barry – Seagate external hard drive died.
  • Michael – One MBP down, another MB resurrected
  • Barry – Replaced with a WD My Passport Ultra
  • Michael – Now where’s that Box ‘O Cables (for Cable Jive)
  • Barry – Samsung Galaxy 7 – Nothing special
  • Barty – Not so keen on iPhone6

Ingress Alert

  • Michael – Keeping our Guard(ians) up, nothing to see here. Move along.

Bottom Gear

  • Barry – Doug audio
  • Barry –  Rav4 all up-to-date on recalls
  • Michael – Township ATV is toast… after 2 winters?

Entertainment Last Month

  • Barry –  Vikings is back
  • MIchael – Niantic teaming up with Pokemon to create Pokemon Go
  • Barry – House of Cards is back
  • Barry – Sling TV – Not that great
  • Barry – HBO Now – Great service and cheaper than HBO on Dish
  • Barty – Shameless

Musical Guest: Tom Tom Club with Genius of Love

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat BandHit the Ground Running

LN-QRM 176: Up Periscope

Recorded:  11 April 2015

Hosts:  Joel, Barry & Michael
Podcaster’s Anonymous BooZe–Review

  • Barry Jim Beam Kentucky Fire
  • Joel – Christian Brothers Brandy and Coke
  • Michael – Yellow Tail Merlot in triple X Vitamin water on ice

Days of our Lives

  • Barry – Sick last week
  • Barry – Roof work begins on Monday
  • Barry – LTE Home service would cost me roughly $1275.00 a month
  • Barry – F-in presidential candidates are starting to infest NH
  • Barry – Periscope – I’m liking the lurking. Still haven’t broadcasted? anything yet
  • Michael – Up Periscope! (CH Fire Department Tour) – but only can be viewed as an app?
  • Joel – Bidding on an iPhone 5s continues because a 4 year old LG android SUCKS!…..
  • Joel – Shopping for a suit used to suck until they just opened a new DXL Big Men’s store.

Geek Corner

  •  Barry – OS X 10.10.3 Released
  • Bye-Bye iPhoto and Aperture
  • Hello just Photo
  • iTunes
  • Barry – iOS 8.3 released
  • Michael – 480 GB SSD! (complements of Day Job)
  • Barry – HBO Now

Ingress Alert

  • Barry – Just when you think you have control of it, it sucks you back in

Bottom Gear

  •  Michael – special request from a Copper Harbor resident
  •  Joel – Goldfinger and Wilson have developed a no snooze wobble.

Entertainment Last Month

  • Barry – Vikings renewed for another season
  • Michael – Mrs. Virtual Yooper discovers Dr. Who !
  • Joel –  Marvels Agents of Shield is gotten damn good.
  • Joel –  Dark Matter trailer is released for SyFy (thanks Doug!)

Musical Guest: 1974 Billboard Hot 100 #40 – Steve Miller Band with “The Joker”
Theme Song:   Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”