LN-QRM #13: With a Little Help From Our Deb


Jash’s wife, Deb, helped us with the topics for this show… and gave and took some ribbing. This was recorded back on October 24th. You are probably asking why two podcasts in the same week? I’m doing my best to catch up. If you check out our UStream site, you will see that we are up to show 17. Why are we so far behind on the feed? I do a little clean up of the audio of each show. I also have to listen to the show to write the show notes. That’s because we almost never stick to the agenda we plan and, as you see from this show, we tend to go all over the place. Enjoy. 


  • Lots of ambiance in the background in Copper Harbor – Packers Vs Vikings
  • Problems with Barry’s DSL line fixed. 17.5 mps down
  • Windows 7 Family Pack arrived and installed
  • Apple announces Lion and other new items
  • Tom Bosley died (Mr Cunningham! takes a dirt nap!)
  • Barbara Billingsley also past away
  • Best TV Dad
  • TV trivia – What was Quincy’s first name
  • Next Tuesday’s  elections
  • Endless political ads
  • Muslim winter holiday to be observed in Cambride MA school systems
  • Festivus should be observed!!
  • Halloween celebrations
  • The Holidays are coming
  • Christmas trees
  • Thanksgiving plans
  • Prius talk

Our musical guest tonight is Lauren Cupp with her song Everywhere I Go

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band  “Hit the Ground Running”