LN-QRM #8: Can You Hear Me Now?

After an hour delay (thanks Jash), we finally got the show on the row. Then Skype started acting up. But it made the recording fun! Oh, I also screwed up the musical guest. The musical guest is Christian McBride, Hank Jones. My apologies to Christine Marie. We’ll have her on in a future show.
  • Wine named after Michael
  • The Perky Perky ringtone
  • The computer that tells jokes
  • Jash has a new fan! (the ceiling type)
  • Jash’s New York commute is over
  • Workout update
  • Skype Dump out!
  • Who’s got the biggest bandwidth?
  • Barry’s first bike ride in 8 years
  • Michael’s mine tour
  • Fisherman’s Feast in the North End of Boston
  • Barry’s iPhone has a problem
  • The Colony
  • The Star Gazer passed away
  • The LateNite QRM collaboration tool of choice is Google Docs

Musical Guest:  

Alone Together with Hank JonesChristian McBride, Hank Jones
“Alone Together with Hank Jones” (mp3)
from “Alone Together with Hank Jones”
(Mack Avenue Records)

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Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band  “Hit the Ground Running”