LN-QRM #9: Long Show

OK, we promised never to produce a long show, but this one got away from us. we were having too much fun. We’ll try to keep it to an hour from now on.


  • Push-to-talk
  • Jash’s new, simple phone
  • Barry’s first ebook experience
  • Tracing back to where Barry became an Apple Fan Boy
  • Barty’s here
  • OK, let’s start the show now… oh wait!
  • Lake effect rain at Barty’s place
  • Maybe we should look at the show notes
  • Men’s spare tire is actually an organ
  • Are newspapers’ days numbered?
  • on-line gaming
  • Tracing back to where Barty became an Apple Fan Boy
  • We all agree, OS2 Warp was a great operating system
  • When did “Buzz Out Loud” become “Whine Out Loud”?
  • Fun with tech: trying to play a link
  • Old Jeff Goldblum Mac commercial
  • Sloppy Drunk Girl
  • New iPods announced… OK, this is old news now
  • One time zone for the world?
  • The LateNite QRM ratings
  • Should we start streaming? Send mail to barryj@qrmstudios.com
  • iTunes new Ping social network
  • The Windows 7 phone: Anybody care?
  • Tracing back to where Jash became an Apple Fan Boy… about 5 minutes ago

Musical Guest: Alec Berlin with Everything I Want

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band  “Hit the Ground Running”