LN-QRM #0: Welcome to LateNite QRM

Welcome to LateNite QRM! This is Show 0 with your hosts, Jash and Barry J. This is kind of a test episode to get a feel of what the format will be like. The opening theme is a tribute to the late night talk shows that I grew up with. It’s campy, but fun to do and that’s what this podcast is all about. So give it a listen and leave a comment if you’d like. Oh, and the theme music is Hit the Ground Running by Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band. It’s a great album and you can get more information my clicking on the link above. Please support these independent artists!!!



  • Skype – Why you should use it
  • Dr. Who Overload
  • Jash’s year in review
  • The Jash & Barry diet
  • Barry & Ann Marie’s new Dog Samson
  • Why most podcasts are too long
  • The Toyota conspiracy
  • Jash on facebook???

Musical Guest: 46bliss

8 OClock Train – PKP Express Remix