LN-QRM 220: Back to Concord

Recorded: 03 September 2016

Hosts: Joel, Barry & Michael

Podcaster’s Anonymous BooZe—Review

  • Michael – Twisted Merlot (Shortage on Yellow Tail)
  • Barry – Jiminy Zero
  • Joel – CPinicle “Tropical fruit” vodka and sour mix

Days of our Lives

  • Michael – Traffic stopping event
  • Joel – Doctors appointments, more doctors appointments and still more doctors appointments….. Getting to know the town of Concord real well.
  • Joel – Blew out my left knee again … Hopefully won’t lead to surgery # 3 on it.
  • Barry – Three weeks of CGM
  • Michael – Mark get’s his driver’s license. (David is graciously allowing Mark to use his Jeep)
  • Joel – Our chickens are laying eggs again!
  • Barry – New couch arrived
  • Michael – Moved David back to Michigan Tech last Friday.
  • Joel – All Vape-ing and vaping products will be regulated  by the govt, and illegal by July 2018
  • Barry – Passed the Security+ certification test
  • Michael – General Contractor hired for Studio V upgrade. Entering drawings in LibreCAD for Mac. Work starts October 1st.

Broken News

  • Flooding in Louisiana
  • John McLaughlin, longtime host of ‘McLaughlin Group,’ dies at 89
  • Gene Wilder dies at 83
  • SpaceX rocket blows up on launch pad with FaceTube satellite onboard

Geek Corner

  • Michael – More Amateur Radio tower work completed today.
  • Barry – Another Soundboard: Sound Byte (The one Adam Curry uses)
  • Joel – Yep I bought an old iPhone 4s to upgrade from my flip phone… Until the new iPhone 7 is released.
  • Barry – iPhone announcement on Sept 7th
  • Barry – iOS 9.3.5 patch for zero day hack
  • Barry – OS X 10.11.6 patch also for zero day hack
  • Barry – Hands on Samsung Galaxy note 7 – Nice!
  • Barry – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recalled due to exploding batteries
  • Joel – WoW no longer runs on the 2010 Mac mini…. Off to the Apple Store we go.. To spec. A new Mac

Bottom Gear

  • Joel – Daisy gets exhausted!

Entertainment Last Month

  • Joel – Watching South Park: Bigger,Longer & Uncut… Where the town of South Park go to war with Canada…funnyish but stupid
  • Barry – Allegiant, the last of the Divergent series
  • Barry – Better Late than Never
  • Michael – Antarctica, A Year On Ice

Musical Guest: Chicago with “Does anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

LN-QRM #75: Wake Up Michael

Recorded: 9 December 2001
Jash, Barry J & Michael


Apple and Google reportedly team up for Kodak patent bid
After dropping gaming shows, G4 to become the Esquire Channel
SpaceX awarded contract from the US Air Force to provide Falcon rockets for two missions in 2014 and 2015
FCC Chief Urges FAA To Ease Airplane Electronics Ban
New gmail client out for iPhone, I’m editing this with it right now!
Onion goggles?

Musical Guest: Bill Meyers with “Angels We Have Heard On High”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”