LN-QRM 237: Are We Done Yet?

Well… It’s May and we’re still at home. If you do work, you must wear a mask. I think we successfully flattened the curve, but remember, the area under the curve hasn’t changed. I hope we’re not planning on doing this until a vaccine is found. I don’t think the people will put up with it for that long.

Anyway, the boys get into what they are doing to spend the time during lock-down, plus new gadgets and much more.

LN-QRM 236: Still at Home

Well, we’re still at home. Except for Michael , who is trying to keep the internet flowing in “Da Harbor” and me, who, for some reason, the Federal Government finds my job essential. Oh well, at least we are fortunate to be employed. Hang in there people. We will get through this together.