LN-QRM 190: MMPR 2015 Wrapup

Recorded: 01 August 2015

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty & Michael
Podcaster’s Anonymous BooZe—Review 

  • Barry –  El Dorado rum and Coke 0
  • Barty – E&J Brandy
  • Joel –  E&J Peach Brandy and Coke
  • Michael – Yellow Tail Merlot and Caffeine free Pepsi

Days of our Lives

  • Barry – MMPR 2015 wrap up
  • Barry – Summer is here
  • Barry – Zenni glasses ordered
  • Michael – recordings that just did not go right…
  • Joel – The packing continues the move to Antrim progresses.
  • Joel – Operation Well water and kitchen cabinets in Antrim also progress’s
  • Michael – Seiche!

Geek Corner

  • Barry –  Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade installation SUCKS!
  • Michael – A new MB Pro has been ordered by my employer!
  • Barty – Requested a “reservation” for Windows 10 on my Windows 7 Pro instance.
  • Barry – Not good news about Google+
  • Joel – iPhone 5c rocks with my mophie juice box helium
  • Joel – 1 Gig internet gets installed this Thursday at the cabin in the woods.

Ingress Alert

  •   Michael – Bob safe zone?

Bottom Gear

  • Barry –  Prius made it
  •  Michael – David’s Jeep is getting the Planman treatment
  • Joel – Goldfinger blows his heater core (inside the car boiling antifreeze on the feet while driving sucks) over heats! then I McGiver’ed it!
  • Joel –  RAMbo Is 100% new axel ABS Speed sensor(nightmare job) new crankshaft position sensor (a real nightmare job) cut the fender well ,New transmission speed sensor( speed now works) all new plugs fix the mis-fire on cylinder #7, and fixed the overdrive vibration.
  • MMD would like recommendations on snow removal.

Entertainment Last Month

  • Michael – Chris and I are back to the First Doctor

Musical Guest: Barty’s picks: Lovin’ Spoonful with “Younger Girl”
Theme Song:   Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

LN-QRM #127: Frozen Bits

Recorded: 1 February 2014

Hosts: Joel, Barry & Michael


Super Bowl Sunday
Michael – Weather update – 3 days in a row – no school this week. A record.
Michael – Propane prices down to about $5.00 gal.
Fuck you Yahoo!
New AppleTV coming?
Google sells Motorola wireless to Lenovo
The Apple earnings call
Michael – quest for David’s laptop
Joel – NEW APP! Zombies Run and its actually a lot of fun.
Barry – Zombie Run – First impressions
Michael – Air Quality – oh my!
Barry – Spyglass app
Joel – Bottom GEAR—— the wilsonator  is repaired and we found the route cause!

Musical Guest: Dirk with “Show Me”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”