LN-QRM #151: We’re Live!… We Think…

Recorded: 23 August 2014

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty and Michael


Barry – Great time at the Beach Boys concert
Barry – Threw my back out
Barry – Ran 5K for the Az Cactus Dash virtual run
Barry – Got my Road Id this week
Barry – Potential Mophie problems!?!
Barry – Reservations made for the LNQRM Roundtable
Barry – Farmed Pain Street and my inventory is full
Barry – Samsung tries to commercialize the ALS Ice Bucket Meme
Barry – New Doctor Who season starts tonight
Bottom Gear
Joel –   A Brake job on Wilson turns into a teaching lesson for my son who did a awesome job    BUT, I forgot to tighten up the lug nuts on the side i worked on…ooops!
Barry – Now actively watching dealer gouging on repairs.
Michael – Reminder – LNQRMPR coming up!
Michael – Jason tweeting that a stormy night is brewing – Play Bread Milk and TP!
Michael – Jon Broadbeck rates LNQRM 5 out of 5. he has great taste!
Michael – CT5K progress for Doug, how is it going for you Joel? (And of course Barry!)
Michael – A week full of failed EVM gear, and alternative work… (namely networking)

Musical Guest: The Beach Boys with a live medley of their hits

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

LN-QRM #143: Happy Birthday Brickside Brewery!

Recorded: 14 June 2014

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty & Michael


Barry – Bear visit
Barry – Dry run of 5K: Result – 5.01K
Barry – Hawaiian Ice Tea – Delicious!
Barry – Credit Union has a new bill pay system… It will be available in a week
Ingress update
Joel – Red Hook Brewery visit and tour plus dinner there
the beer tasting was delicious 4 types of beer an awesome Kona IPA
Dinner was bratwurst and homemade sauerkraut  and for dessert a jumbo soft pretzel
with homemade beer spicy mustard.
Joel – ELM: Starz show ( Boss) with Kelsey Grammer
Joel – Bottom Gear:  Elvira is back in the Game! brake’s are replaced,shes tuned up   and runs like a bat out of hell…..
Michael – Brickside Brewery is 2!!!!
Michael – Fireman’s Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser
Michael – Cut up the old Jeep hard top for clean up weekend, along with a full truck load for the morning.
Michael – Still playing clash – once or twice a day
Michael – Podcast Pic of the Week – Subspace Transmissions

Musical Guest: mask the benniman with “just my enemy”

Theme Song:Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band“Hit the Ground Running”