LN-QRM #151: We’re Live!… We Think…

Recorded: 23 August 2014

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty and Michael


Barry – Great time at the Beach Boys concert
Barry – Threw my back out
Barry – Ran 5K for the Az Cactus Dash virtual run
Barry – Got my Road Id this week
Barry – Potential Mophie problems!?!
Barry – Reservations made for the LNQRM Roundtable
Barry – Farmed Pain Street and my inventory is full
Barry – Samsung tries to commercialize the ALS Ice Bucket Meme
Barry – New Doctor Who season starts tonight
Bottom Gear
Joel –   A Brake job on Wilson turns into a teaching lesson for my son who did a awesome job    BUT, I forgot to tighten up the lug nuts on the side i worked on…ooops!
Barry – Now actively watching dealer gouging on repairs.
Michael – Reminder – LNQRMPR coming up!
Michael – Jason tweeting that a stormy night is brewing – Play Bread Milk and TP!
Michael – Jon Broadbeck rates LNQRM 5 out of 5. he has great taste!
Michael – CT5K progress for Doug, how is it going for you Joel? (And of course Barry!)
Michael – A week full of failed EVM gear, and alternative work… (namely networking)

Musical Guest: The Beach Boys with a live medley of their hits

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

9 thoughts on “LN-QRM #151: We’re Live!… We Think…”

  1. Just listening to this again and now up to the point I was listening live. Had to comment on the car. My in-laws have had Camry’s and those are good cars but I love my ’99 Contour (which probably qualifies for Bottom Gear!) so I am hoping my good luck with the ’99 will transfer to the ’14 Escape and that the ’08 Escape was a fluke!

  2. Look the recall issues with the auto makers is wide and far reaching. Most of these companies have the same supply chains.

    As for Tacoma’s Toyota is trying to catch up to the big three and while it’s a great effort they won’t catch up any time soon.

    Subaru get’s their interiors and some Denso parts from Toyota. Sabaru’s are great new. Terrible for bottom gear

  3. If you’re spending the night in London, ON on the way to the #LNQRMRT (Late Nite QRM Roundtable), you should see if you could stop for dinner in Hamilton on the way. We’re only 90 minutes out from London. Could go to one of the #MMPR restaurants. Let me know if you’re interested. Email me.

  4. No episode this week guys? Did Barry throw his back out again so he can’t edit?

    Maybe they should build portals and resinators into audacity and then every episode would be up today.

  5. Sorry, been busy at work and I’m having troubles with my internets tubes. I haven’t even had too much time to play “The Game” either. I’m going to try and get it out tonight. Oh, and…. audacity? Tsk! Paalease! I’m an Audition guy. 😉

    1. Yeah So i ran audition to record a diagnostic file (i recorded my own version of the last dyscultured podcast). It was clean and only had issues with cyloning so thank you for the recommendation. The best set up is usually with a program like reaper / audition recording the mix track file (with everyone on one track) and a call burner or other program that splits the host and callers into separate tracks.

    1. I still use a bought version of Audition. I haven’t taken the plunge with the “Rental” thing yet. I don’t like that whole idea. I do think that Audition is the best audio editor out there.

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