LN-QRM #163: Christmas Time is Here

Recorded: 13 December 2014 (12/13/14)

Hosts: Joel, Barry & Michael


  • Michael – Don’t know what the heck that noise was in my mic last week…
  • Michael – Gonna go bag a 10,000 pointer (tree)
  • All – What’s in a McNugget
  • Michael – I fell for it. (Literally)
  • Michael – Secret Santa has me pegged.
  • Michael – tree lighting in the Harbor!
  • Barry – 7.1 is way better than 5.1
  • Barry – Have I mentioned lately how much FairPoint SUCKS!(I second that motion!)
  • Michael – Working hard on my 15k to couch program.
  • Joel – Fire Stick review
  • Michael – New technology comes to Copper Harbor

Podcasters Anonymous Review

Each week one of the podcasters gets hammered on a new to us booze 🙂 and talks about it.

  • Joel – Paul Masson Peach Brandy Holy crap this stuff is Good! (review)


  • Barry – DropBox vs GDrive vs OneDrive
  • Barry – New GDrive debuted this week… The jury is still out.


  • Michael – Ingress Alert – Big Op (I thought)
  • Barry – Resistance wins the anomaly in Hartford


  • Doug Slater gets snow tires on his mini cooper, and as it happens GoldFinger is getting his snow sneakers on this week too! alsp Goldfinger gets a brand new serpentine belt.
  • Operation QRM JEEP commences next Saturday.


  • Barry – Guardians of the Galaxy = Awsome!

Musical Guest: 4 Non  Blondes with “What’s Up”

Theme Song:   Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”