LN-QRM #149: Just sayin’

Recorded: 10 August  2014

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty &  Michael


Barry – Two 5K races this week
Monadnock Half Marathon & 5K
Cigna 5K
Barry – Preseason football Yea!
Barry – Prepping for the Great Yooper Trip via the Great White North
Michael – Karma comes around on missing bike
Michael – MMD suggests LNQRM CPB
Michael – A week on the road without a Service Engine Light – well except for the hood latch.
Joel – Wilson flat tire woes, and I’m getting a little spoiled driving new car rentals
operation jeep is on hold …..
Michael – Mountain Bike Single Speed USA event in Copper Harbor
Michael – Little Timmy story
Michael – Late night QRM roundtable – SEPTEMBER  18 – 21
Michael – Ingress with the boys
Michael – Brockway after the show
Michael – Backup cancelled – WTF! (And why it torques me)
Joel – Slug is Doug is an Awesome podcast!
Michael – Slug is Doug starts couch to 5K
Michael – PERSEID METEOR Shower normally rich in fireballs
Michael – purchasing a ProJive adapter by CableJive
Joel – Restaurant review of “The Cracker Barrel”
Joel – Root canal’s are tons of fun! and the crown next week yeah!!!….not!

Musical Guest: Bob & Doug McKenzie featuring Geddy Lee with “Take Off”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band“Hit the Ground Running”


11 thoughts on “LN-QRM #149: Just sayin’”

  1. Attention Listeners!

    We now have a public G+ community called LateNite QRM. It’s way better than the crappy WordPress comment section here on the site. Come join us. Soon we will be doing live Hangouts On The Air along with the regular edited podcast. If you join the community, you will get notified when the live podcast begins.

  2. I was going to leave Joel’s support of police comments alone, but Furgesson has explained my point for me on both the optics and relationship I have with the (not going to speak for others but also as a person of colour), but also the specific subject of more equipment for municpal police forces. While i think police forces should get the equipment they need. I think it’s apparent how this notion can be distorted or exaggerated negatively.

    Are there good police officers: Yes, I’ve had the blessing of dealing with some of them but i’ve also had the experience of dealing with terrible ones (more often then not the bad ones makes me hard to trust the good ones).

  3. If you read the forum there are other stories of ingress players taking portal security too far. Up to and including ramming people with their cars.

        1. Oops! I missed the “sarcasm” tag. I’m beginning to think none of the Canadian guys like Copper Harbor! It’s streets are paved in snow….with fudge all over them.

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