LN-QRM #146: It’s Here! It’s Here! Ingress for iOS!

Recorded: 19 July 2014

Hosts: Joel, Barry & Michael


Joel -Ingress is out for ios and I suck at it! (but found lots of new places and almost    crashed my friggin car…lol…lol)
Joel – Finally completed ingress training
Joel – Clash of Clans…..Erased for good (boring and too damn slow)
Barry – Ingress Cross-Faction meetup in Concord
Barry – Hula Hustle tomorrow
Bottom Gear – Joel –  hurricane rain storm takes out the wiperson my beautiful brides Neon…during the storm. wiper transmission no longer sold by Dodge dealership once again the junkyard saves the day!   (time to start shopping for a new car for her, she like the Honda Fit.)
Neon fuel pump is crapping out $211.00 later a new one is waiting to go in.

Musical Guest: Lee Alexander with “Mockingbird”

Theme Goodwin’s Big Phat Band“Hit the Ground Running”


14 thoughts on “LN-QRM #146: It’s Here! It’s Here! Ingress for iOS!”

    1. We can’t either… except for that whole Km and C thing. Looking forward to having my first Tim Horton’s coffee and order of poutine… Does Tim Horton sell poutine?

      1. No you gotta go to macdonalds for that. Thanks for replying. I’m starting to think that podcasters have comments sections just for appearences.

  1. Ingress! It is still frustrating me and I had said that I was gonna quit. But just as I think I’m out, it drags me back in! Vive La Resistance! Sacre Bleue!
    I need to spend some time in the local park that has 34 portals all within 8 minutes walk of my house. I made it half blue on my first day out and levelled up to 3 but then ran out of time (had to go to dinner and put the kid to bed) and ran out of resinators. It promptly turned full green within 24 hours… such a let down for a noob.
    Anyway, always good to hear from you guys.

    1. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. I’ve taken a pledge:

      “THE PLEDGE: Everyone deserves to be respected for the level they are and the portals they play. I pledge to spread this message to my fellow agents of both factions. I’ll speak up against hate and intolerance whenever I see it, at a portal, at a meetup or at an anomaly. I’ll provide hope for the low level agents and other bullied agents by letting them know that it gets better.” 😉

  2. So guys, I nottice in bottom gear none of your cars are new. How will the Honda Fit *ahem* fit in this segment. Well on bottom gear this week….well everything is reliable and running well….. next up

    Oh and what do you guys think of Subaru’s. They seem like a good fit for the terrain and the weather conditions. (full disclosure I have had three of them so far so be nice lol).

    1. My wife has had two Subarus? Subari? The 84 GL was a great car that we had for 11 years with no problems. The second one was a 2001 Forester. It was a lemon and the dealer was always trying to rip us off on repairs. We now drive Toyotas. My wife has a 2011 Rav4 that she loves. I have… well, you know what I have… A 2005 Prius Clown Car. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned. Except for in the snow.

      1. The fit won’t “Fit” ….lol however my beautiful bride has decided she want’s to restore her ’98 Neon including me buying new fenders for it this week. Listen to up and coming episodes of late nite qrm to get updates.

  3. yeah up until the 2000 the Subaru dealer in the area (a new nicer staffed one opened up closer to me) were total jerks. They had a different attitude then. They are no cheaper and better looking and a much more attractive offering. Also Toyota has owned Subaru since the bailouts.

    Also isn’t the subaru outback the official car of NH. My dealer keeps talking about how many they sell there.

    Also hearing Yooper angry was both shockining and interesting especially after meeting him. I didn’t think he got angry.

  4. I was at PAB 2006, 2007 (on a panel about educational podcasting) 2008 (spoke about educational podcasting), 2010 (on a panel with Scarborough Dude, Ken Hernden, who is one of my cohorts on Tangential Convergence, and Tom Merritt) and 2011 (did a jolt, you can find it on the you tubes).

    I did not go in 2012 as my PhD supervisor was receiving the highest honour an experimental psychologist in Canada can win. It was at the same time as PAB. As much as I wanted to go to PAB, I sorta owe my career to her……

  5. that should say they are much cheaper and much more attractive package now then before the 2000’s.

    Also isn’t the Forester/ Outback the offical car of NH?

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