LN-QRM 212: Happy Birthday LN-QRM!

Recorded: 30 April 2016

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty, & Michael

Podcaster’s Anonymous BooZe—Review

  • Michael –  MGD
  • Joel – Calico Jack spiced Rum–n-Coke
  • Barry – Jiminy Coke (with emphasis on the Jiminy)
  • Barty –  Poland Spring water


Days of our Lives

  • Barry – LateNite QRM turned 6
  • Michael – The MMPR16 dates are here, The MMPR16 dates are here! (and Hamfest!)
  • Barry – NEAR-Fest Weekend
  • Michael – Training for Keweenaw Path
  • Joel – My beautiful bride gave me my new Indian name “Walks the Goats! … That’s right the goats on a leash walking them was I.
  • Michael – Calumet Copperbots make World Finals for First Robotics. (And compete against Hamilton)
  • Michael – Ran across old documentary about a lost silver mine in the Keweenaw
  • Michael – Picking up David from MTU for the summer
  • Joel – Picking up Kiona from Norwich for the summer too.
  • Joel – Already got the approved time off from work to attend MMPR!
  • Barty – Approved as well. Classic Camera Revival photo meet May 7 in Hamilton.


Broken News

  • Barry – Earthquakes happening all around the rim of fire
  • Barry – Russia is buzzing our ships
  • Barry – The Queen turns 90
  • Barry – Deaths: Prince, chyna, Doris Roberts
  • Joel – Jacksons off the twenty dollar bill and being replaced with Harriet Tubman by 2020


Geek Corner

  • Barry – New MacBook Pro Rumors: now with less ports! WTF Apple?
  • Barty – Verizon TravelPass offers use of your wireless plan for $2 per day per device. Just in time for MMPR
  • Michael – burns it to the ground. (OSX )
  • Michael – David drops his iPhone 4s, no external damage, but phone is DOA

Bottom Gear

  • Joel – Daisy gets a Brake! Finish her up tomorrow
  • Barry – Snow tires off!
  • Joel – Goldfinger gets his spring time trainers put back on this week
  • Michael – Tractor project is back on.

Entertainment Last Month

  • Barry – The Peanuts Movie
  • Barry – Game of Throwns, Silicon Valley and Veep are back
  • Michael – (Netflix) Expedition Unknown


Musical Guest: Prince with Little Red Corvette

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

LN-QRM #137: Hook, Line & Sinker

Recorded: 19 April 2014

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty & Michael


Michael – Hook , Line, and Sinker
Michael – Another 10 -12 inches of snow. Screw it, we’re leaving it in the driveway!
Michael – Rebuilding the network in Copper Harbor
Barry – Scratching and sweeping the lawn today
Google Glass was on sale to everyone for one day.
WWDC tickets via lottery this year. Michael? Are you in?
Michael – Bottom Gear – Jeep stay in Harbor for now.
Joel – Bottom Gear:  Wilson’s starter decided to pack it in, but a calibrated 2×4 got it to work one more time.
Joel – Program review : Amazon Prime TV show– “The Fades”  a BBC programme
Barry – Program review: Silicon Valley
Clash of Clans
Barry – Quiet this week. Trying to upgrade my town hall
Joel – Getting bored with it and Fast.
Ingress report
Barry – Leveled up to L7
Looks like Levels 9 – 16 are coming
Are the Frogs planning an Easter Surprise?

Musical Guest:3 Blind Mice with “Jack and Billy”

Theme Song:Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band“Hit the Ground Running”