LN-QRM 214: Darth Vaper

Recorded: 4 June 2016

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty, & Michael

Podcaster’s Anonymous BooZe—Review

  • Michael – Brickside Brewery Red Amber 3.2 special edition
  • Joel – CBB and Coke
  • Barry – Jiminy 7
  • Barty – Courvoisier Cognac

Days of our Lives

  • Barry – Air conditioners in!
  • Joel– the window a/c’s are installed… Damn it was hot!
  • Michael – Flashpoint!
  • Joel — kicking the cigarettes with a halo Triton Vape
  • Barry – Quick trip to the land of Wawa
  • Michael – Life’s been like a Warren Zevon song lately
  • — digging out around the house and putting in French drains tomorrow .
  • Barry – Somebody tried to play baseball with my mailbox
  • Michael – MMPR16!!!
  • Barry – Marathoned and caught up on all BEEs and MMVHs. I’m now officially certified
  • Michael – Band Rummage Sale!
  • Barry – FailPoint is now my energy provider
  • Joel — finally got the new front door installed onto the little cabin in the woods installed…. A big thank you to my son for the assist.
  • Michael – ping, ping!
  • Barry – The Comfy Chair has been fetched!

Broken News

  • Violent protests at Trump rallies are Trump’s fault
  • Floods in Texas
  • Muhammad Ali dead at 72
  • Thunderbird and Blue Angels aircraft crash on same day
  • Face tube, Google, Twitter all agree to block hate speech as the EU requested

Geek Corner

  • Michael video glide
  • Barry – Two DSL lines, two GB routers, two wifi routers and a load balancer has improved the home network.
  • Barty – Traded in the iPhone 6+ for an SE. Loving the small size, plus it is unlocked.
  • Barry – Time machine is starting to suck, looking into alternatives
  • Michael – good social media response to my HP 15C pic
  • Barry – Checking out music streaming services – Spotify is winning

Bottom Gear

  • Barry – The Grom BT3 is installed in the Prius. I now have a real aux port and built in Bluetooth.
  • Joel – power to the garage is laid in the ground 150 feet long! ..next a bay lift
  • Michael – Keweenaw repair solution

Entertainment Last Month

  • Barty – First artist of the year at Syracuse’s outdoor amphitheater was Ringo Starr.
  • Barry – Wayward Pines is back
  • Barry – Started watching Band of Brothers on HBO Now

Musical Guest: Harry Nilsson with “Coconut”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

LN-QRM #120: Pst! It’s Snowing!

Recorded: 7 December 2013

Hosts: Joel, Barry & Michael


First official snowfall of the season in Jaffrey
Tom Merritt fired from TWIT
Fresh from Yooping at Marshall McLuhan Show!
Amazon Drones
Day Of Podcasting RSS Feed
Milk Happy Hour
Secret Santa in the Harbor
Snow, Snow, and oh yeah, more Snow (With a touch of cold and wind)
The renewed joys of owning a Jeep! (see above note)
Bottom Gear – Heading down tomorrow to pick up the truck tomorrow
Studded snow tires go on Wilson after much research….get you need’em
2 weeks to Christmas guess i should start my gift shopping….oh crap! let the panic begin.
New apps of the week …
CamCard.. it is an awesome business card photo contact app.
Myshopi app

Musical Guest: Reverend Jimmie Bratcher with “1941”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”