LN-QRM 222: Autumn is here

Recorded: 1 October 2016

Hosts: Joel, Barry & Michael

Podcaster’s Anonymous BooZe—Review

  • Michael –  Morning coffee from the thermos
  • Barry – Yabba Dabba Dew
  • Joel – Blackberry Brandy and GingerAle

Days of our Lives

  • Barry – Air Conditioners out/Stoves on!
  • Joel – Me too!
  • Barry – Chester, Vt Fall Festival
  • Joel – Watson is in the Guinness Book of Word Records Wags to Whiskers 300+ dogs getting their brushed for 3 min simultaneously.
  • Barry – Charlie gets more teeth pulled
  • Joel – Dr. Appt. Next week looking forward to 9 injections in the spine..(hope they work)
  • Barry – New Zenni glasses ordered
  • Michael – Attic project update
  • Michael – EMS Conference – Value Host Motel …

Broken News

  • Mt Monadnock is now… The most climbed mountain in the world!
  • First Presidential debate
  • NJ Train crash
  • Mars or bust! -Elon Musk’s next venture

Geek Corner

  • Barry – MacOS Sierra is out
  • Barry – Still waiting for the Galaxy Nuke 7
  • Barry – Playing with the Android Development IDE
  • Barry – Google’s Allo: Not ready for primetime yet
  • Barry – Reset my MBP Bluetooth
  • Michael – FrankenMac Lives!

Bottom Gear

  • Joel- Rambo may be showing signs that he needs an assendectomy!
  • Michael – The hydraulic pump is back!
  • Michael – Mark has more thoughts on his vehicle of choice
  • Michael – New member to the automobile family

Entertainment Last Month

  • Barry – Bull: I doubt it’s going to make it
  • Barry – West World on HBO starting Oct 2nd

Shout out to Jason from Up in this Brain

Musical Guest: Lynyrd Skynyrd with “Free Bird”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”