LN-QRM 184: Gone to the Dogs

Recorded: 13 June 2015

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty & Michael
Podcaster’s Anonymous BooZeReview

  • Michael – still working on those small bottles of Black Russian ingredients
  • Joel – Operation “White Russian”
  • Barry – Gin and Tonic -SuperSized!

Days of our Lives

  • Barry – Jason’s classic dryer podcast
  • Barry – Senility starts at 50? Really, Mel?
  • Michael – Eh? What?
  • Michael – Nat Geo stopped in at the Brickside
  • Michael – Cat’O’Strophic Keyboard Event

Geek Corner

  • Joel – Call Of Duty Advance Warfare app for managing  The CMH clan Op’s.
  • Barty – Apple Watch review
  • Barry – Pocket Casts WebSite addition
  • Michael – Summer Steam Sale (for the boys – not me)

Ingress Alert

  • Is this a Bob Safe Zone? – Looks All Clear Bob…

Bottom Gear

  • Barry – The air conditioning isn’t keeping up
  • Barry – The Prius has one eye
  • Barry – Need to try and re-solder the aux on the RAV4
  • Joel —- Buy’s a DODGE TRUCK!!
  • Joel —- Goldfinger gets a synthetic oil change and filter and a K&N air filter and an a/c recharge!.
  • Michael – Drivers Ed X2

Entertainment Last Month

  • Barry – Dark Matter
  • Barry – Defiance
  • Michael – About to watch Time of the Doctor with Chris.


Musical Guest: Chicago with “Does anybody Really Know What Time it is?”
Theme Song:   Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

LN-QRM #139: Back from the dead

Recorded: 10 May 2014

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty, Matoskah & Michael


Barry – Back on my feet
Barry – Daytime tv sucks 200 times so
Joel – Entertainment Last Month — Defiance – A futuristic cowboys vs indians , but with post invasion humans and 6 different races of aliens. The character development is refreshingly complex and not over simplified. The  episode stories are a bit predictable but entertaining
Barry – The black flies emerge!
Barry – Mowing deck installed
Barry – Cubical to 5K update
Barry – Is there any tech news worth reporting? (Old news, but new for us) 🙂
Apple rumored to buy Beats Music.
Apple vs Samsung the sordid details continue to drag on
Microsoft Office on iPad, & 365 for Mac OS
Barry – Playing Ingress – Hancock Police stop by

Musical Guest:Hillary Reynolds Band with “See You Again”

Theme Song:Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band“Hit the Ground Running”