Recorded: 8 April 2012

Hosts: Jash, Barry J, Barty & Michael


Weather report
Spring is here! Michael’s sons helped him swap the hard top for the rag top on the Jeep!
Michael is temporarily pulling all the radio gear from said Jeep 🙁
The Masters in 3D
Mike Wallace passed away at 93
Sergey Brin Takes Project Glass Out of Google’s Lab
Russians developing mind-altering electromagnetic “zombie” gun
How many iPhone app developers can Microsoft buy? – Apple 2.0
Wikipedia updates mobile apps, drops Google Maps for OpenStreetMap
Beer Ambulance
Brew update
Utica Club Brewery
Android this week: Instagram arrives
Researchers Confirm Flashback Trojan Infects 600,000 Macs
Michael has officially started Spring Cleaning
Cleaned out and prepped the Horse Trailer
Michael’s Afternoon Mountain BIke ride! (And his first trip over the handlebars this year, ooops)
XBOX group play? Michael’s military advisors(i.e the boyz) are asking…
Michael’s pedal boat conversion project

Musical Guest: Doug Astrop with “Long Goodbyes”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

LN-QRM #38: Tech Talk

It’s just Michael and me this episode. It was a Tech Talk show. So push up your BC glasses and enjoy…. Oh, BC glasses? You know what they are if you were in the military, if not, email me to find out:  barryj@lateniteqrm.com

12 February 2012

Hosts: Barry J & Michael


iPhone games
Path uploads address books
Instagram Gets Revamped With A Fresh Interface And New Features
Skype on 3g
Coming together? Next-gen MacBook Pro said to resemble MacBook Air
Upgrading Your AT&T Phone Is About Cost You Twice as Much
Anonymous says attack put CIA website offline
Cinemagram app for iOS makes art out of animated GIFs
TiVo HD DVR now available for DirecTV customers nationwide
No other HD DVR in the industry comes close.
Waze uses the iPhone proximity sensor to launch hands-free traffic reporting for iOS

Musical Guest: London with “Aurora Blue”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”