LN-QRM 179: It’s NEAR-Fest Time

Recorded: 2 May 2015

Hosts: Joel, Barry & Michael

Podcaster’s Anonymous BooZe–Review

  • Barry – Pinnacle Coconut infused Vodka
  • Michael – Park Bench Porter
  • Joel – Jack Daniels winter Jack (apple) bourbon and coke

Days of our Lives

  • Barry – QRM Studios update
  • Barry – My new JD Sippy Cup – Thanks Joel!
  • Barry – iHop Breakfast
  • Michael – Wonderful day for a photo shoot – Dan J Kauppi (.com)
  • Barry – NEAR-Fest: Spring Edition
  • Barry – Scott is short! (but so is everyone else)
  • Barry – The LN-QRM Drone is ready for duty
  • Barry – Periscoped with one viewer: Doug!
  • Michael – New Trail Shoes! Woo Hoo! (And Doug joins Runkeeper)
  • Michael – And Mark starts Couch to 5K
  • Joel – Joel’s new Iphone 4s showed up today and replaced the turddroid

Geek Corner

  • Barry – Red Max Leaf Blowers
  • Michael – MacStock and BBQ tickets have been purchased! (June 20th)
  • Michael – IT has not sunk in at the Harbor that I have a FULL time job now…
  • Barry – iPhone has been rebooting a lot recently
  • Barry – Microsoft’s holographic program looks cool

Ingress Alert

  • Barry – Extra Ultra Strikes and double AP
  • Michael – The Ugly and the Good

Bottom Gear

  • Barry – The Results!
  • Barry – 193,000+ miles on the Prius
  • Michael – David’s Jeep keeps jeep’in
  • Doug – by proxie …
  • Michael – the tractor …

Entertainment Last Month

  • Barry – Wolf Hall (yawn)
  • Michael – PODRUNNER update – app not currently available
  • Michael – Podcast – Classic Camera Revival – From John Meadows and Company


Musical Guest: 1977 Billboard Hot 100 #40 –  The Jacksons with Enjoy Yourself
Theme Song:   Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

LN-QRM #144: Let sleeping Michaels lie

Recorded: 5 July 2014

Hosts: Joel, Barry, Barty & Michael the virtual sleeper


Barry – First official 5K complete
Barry – Meet and Greet for Judy and Walt Havenstein
Barry – Big sale on iPhone 5c and 5s at… Walmart!
Barry – Reading of the Declaration of Independence
Barry – Ran my first virtual 5k, Hula 5k is next
Barry – Rumors of Ingress for iOS are increasing. Maybe at the Montreal Anomally
Joel – Bottom Gear: Wilson ——had the top half of the engine removed , new intake gaskets installed and running better then ever.
Elviras ——first ride of the season 210 mile to stretch her legs.
Joel – a new iphone 4s  in the family.
Michael – Very Busy for the 4th of July
Michael – Marshall Mcluhan Roundtable – un-conference – car and room reserved.
Michael – Recorded a trail run from this week. Almost 2 hours of rambiling – will be VirtualYooper episode.
Michael – Someone tried to steal my boat today(!)
Michael – Pileated Woodpecker nest across from my office.

Musical Guest:  Hillary Reynolds Bandwith “See You Again”

Theme Song:Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”