LN-QRM #2: Ain’t Technology Wonderful!

We are totally Skyping it tonight. Jash is in Studio N, Michael is in a local Copper Harbor Pub and I’m manning the board in the QRM Studios. We have a great show tonight with topics all over the map. Grab a brew and enjoy!


  • What are you drinking?
  • Jash tours the Harpoon Brewery
  • Jash blew out his knee
  • Barry takes a week off
  • Michael works… 96 hours!?!
  • What’s up with the oil spill?
  • In the morning
  • Michael, the ambulance chaser
  • Yoopercast tribute to coffee
  • Barry joins the Wellness Center
  • Border Patrol in Copper Harbor?
  • Facebook: Stay or Go?
  • Copper Harbor’s one room school house


Musical Guest: Stars Go Dim with “Get over it”

LN-QRM #1: Jash’s Addiction

Jash has a new addiction… Starbucks. He’ll tell us how this came about. Plus, we welcome Michael the Virtual Yooper to the QRM Studios family. He will be one of the LN-QRM hosts when his very busy schedule permits. He also has his own podcast: The Virtual Yooper. Follow the link and check it out. 



  • Welcome Michael the Virtual Yooper
  • Whole lot of wireless going on!
  • Jash finally tries Starbucks
  • Snow on Wednesday,  90 degrees on Sunday: Crazy New England Weather!
  • Temperature is relative
  • Stores seasonal inventory at unseasonable times
  • Snow blowing
  • iPhone 4 Stolen! 
  • Conspiracy watch: Did Apple do it on purpose?
  • Dilbert’s view
  • Hummmmmmm! – Turn off the fridge!
  • Amateur Radio talk
  • Military Affiliated Radio Service (MARS) and phone patches
  • In the Morning! – No Agenda 
  • FaceTubing
  • Jash tapped a moose
  • Jash’s modified Mazda

Musical Guest: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band with their song Hit the Ground Running