LN-QRM #163: Christmas Time is Here

Recorded: 13 December 2014 (12/13/14)

Hosts: Joel, Barry & Michael


  • Michael – Don’t know what the heck that noise was in my mic last week…
  • Michael – Gonna go bag a 10,000 pointer (tree)
  • All – What’s in a McNugget
  • Michael – I fell for it. (Literally)
  • Michael – Secret Santa has me pegged.
  • Michael – tree lighting in the Harbor!
  • Barry – 7.1 is way better than 5.1
  • Barry – Have I mentioned lately how much FairPoint SUCKS!(I second that motion!)
  • Michael – Working hard on my 15k to couch program.
  • Joel – Fire Stick review
  • Michael – New technology comes to Copper Harbor

Podcasters Anonymous Review

Each week one of the podcasters gets hammered on a new to us booze 🙂 and talks about it.

  • Joel – Paul Masson Peach Brandy Holy crap this stuff is Good! (review)


  • Barry – DropBox vs GDrive vs OneDrive
  • Barry – New GDrive debuted this week… The jury is still out.


  • Michael – Ingress Alert – Big Op (I thought)
  • Barry – Resistance wins the anomaly in Hartford


  • Doug Slater gets snow tires on his mini cooper, and as it happens GoldFinger is getting his snow sneakers on this week too! alsp Goldfinger gets a brand new serpentine belt.
  • Operation QRM JEEP commences next Saturday.


  • Barry – Guardians of the Galaxy = Awsome!

Musical Guest: 4 Non  Blondes with “What’s Up”

Theme Song:   Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”


LN-QRM #86: Is Google Doing Harm?

Recorded: 17 March 2013

Hosts: Jash, Barry J & Barty


2 stories of snow!
Mac Vs PC again
Pope Francis elected as 266th Roman Catholic pontiff
US to reinforce missile defences to counter North Korea ‘provocations’
Google kills Reader
Samsung Galaxy 4 released
Dropbox to buy Mailbox and retain 13 employees, will keep service as stand-alone app
Star Wars trio to reprise roles

Musical Guest: Texarillo with “Stone Cold Heart Breaker”

 Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

LN-QRM #26: Pizza Party!!!

I know, it’s been over a month since the last podcast. Jash, Michael and I have been busy. So we decided to make it up to you with this long…. long podcast featuring the Brockway Mountain Midnight Pizza Party. It’s an annual event up in Yooper Country that Michael and his family go to every year. But… don’t worry. We still get enough geeky tech-talk in. Enjoy.

Hosts: Barry J & Michael 


Rain, rain go away!

Summer Solstice Brockway Mountain Pizza Party
Black flies, mosquitoes and deer flies, oh my!
No water means well pump replacement
4th of July means 3 for 9er week!
Michael & his Mom on a cruise from Boston to Montreal
Ambulance in Copper Harbor going live on the 4th of July weekend

Gadgets & Games
Apple announces IOS 5, OS X Lion and iCloud
Live TV coming to Xbox
Don’t put your iPhone in a ziplock bag
Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 – O M G!!!!
Halo 4 is also coming soon
HP OfficeJet Pro is a cool multifunction printer
No Agenda Podcast and the No Agenda Stream

Check out Political QRM
They’re BA-ACK! Frickin’ politicians
Political signs on the road already? REALLY?
Peter Faulk – aka Columbo is dead at age 83

Musical Guest: Edwin Derricutt with his song “3 Minutes 23″

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat BandHit the Ground Running