LN-QRM #2: Ain’t Technology Wonderful!

We are totally Skyping it tonight. Jash is in Studio N, Michael is in a local Copper Harbor Pub and I’m manning the board in the QRM Studios. We have a great show tonight with topics all over the map. Grab a brew and enjoy!


  • What are you drinking?
  • Jash tours the Harpoon Brewery
  • Jash blew out his knee
  • Barry takes a week off
  • Michael works… 96 hours!?!
  • What’s up with the oil spill?
  • In the morning
  • Michael, the ambulance chaser
  • Yoopercast tribute to coffee
  • Barry joins the Wellness Center
  • Border Patrol in Copper Harbor?
  • Facebook: Stay or Go?
  • Copper Harbor’s one room school house


Musical Guest: Stars Go Dim with “Get over it”

LN-QRM #1: Jash’s Addiction

Jash has a new addiction… Starbucks. He’ll tell us how this came about. Plus, we welcome Michael the Virtual Yooper to the QRM Studios family. He will be one of the LN-QRM hosts when his very busy schedule permits. He also has his own podcast: The Virtual Yooper. Follow the link and check it out. 



  • Welcome Michael the Virtual Yooper
  • Whole lot of wireless going on!
  • Jash finally tries Starbucks
  • Snow on Wednesday,  90 degrees on Sunday: Crazy New England Weather!
  • Temperature is relative
  • Stores seasonal inventory at unseasonable times
  • Snow blowing
  • iPhone 4 Stolen! 
  • Conspiracy watch: Did Apple do it on purpose?
  • Dilbert’s view
  • Hummmmmmm! – Turn off the fridge!
  • Amateur Radio talk
  • Military Affiliated Radio Service (MARS) and phone patches
  • In the Morning! – No Agenda 
  • FaceTubing
  • Jash tapped a moose
  • Jash’s modified Mazda

Musical Guest: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band with their song Hit the Ground Running

LN-QRM #0: Welcome to LateNite QRM

Welcome to LateNite QRM! This is Show 0 with your hosts, Jash and Barry J. This is kind of a test episode to get a feel of what the format will be like. The opening theme is a tribute to the late night talk shows that I grew up with. It’s campy, but fun to do and that’s what this podcast is all about. So give it a listen and leave a comment if you’d like. Oh, and the theme music is Hit the Ground Running by Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band. It’s a great album and you can get more information my clicking on the link above. Please support these independent artists!!!



  • Skype – Why you should use it
  • Dr. Who Overload
  • Jash’s year in review
  • The Jash & Barry diet
  • Barry & Ann Marie’s new Dog Samson
  • Why most podcasts are too long
  • The Toyota conspiracy
  • Jash on facebook???

Musical Guest: 46bliss

8 OClock Train – PKP Express Remix




Coming Soon

Have you ever stayed up late with some friends and just talked about everything? Well then this is the podcast for you! They boys cover everything from gadgets to motorcycles, movies to proper lawn maintenance, raising pets to raising teens. You never know what they will talk about next. So stay up late with the boys. Who knows, you just might learn something.