LN-QRM #41: Barty’s Back

Recorded: 4 March 2012

Hosts: Jash, Barry J, Michael & Barty


Barry is back in NH
The QRM Brewery equipment has been purchased
First brew will be a nice red ale
Andrew Breitbart: Victim Of The New Media Culture War?
Apple’s iPad 3 Event Invitation: 7 Clues You Might Have Missed
Rumor: iPad 3 pricing to match current lineup
US Air Force Air Mobility Command buying iPads
Man Caught Peeing in ‘Street View,’ Sues Google
Google Hangouts get digital masks to enhance your next video chat
Government Says Airport Scanners Are Safe
Tornadoes in Midwest and South leave homes and businesses leveled
Humongous asteroid could strike Earth in 2040
150 Mile Dog Sled Race (CopperDog150.com), Heavy snowmobile traffic, and Mardi Gra weekend? – a little late me thinks…
I finally bought a bed!
The United-Continental merger: United’s computer chaos

Musical Guest: Trew Music with “Time Of Your Life”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”

LN-QRM #40: Digitally Gathering at the Man Cave

Recorded: 26 Feb 2012

Hosts: Jash, Barry J & Michael


Oscars tonight – Does anybody care?
Doing the pubs of Alexandria
Temps in the 70s
Afternoon on the Mall in DC
Visiting the Smithonians
Hotel TV remotes: Are they all bad?
Whole foods shopping
Jash’s millennium falcon
Fan Boy
Jash almost makes it into an Apple store
Skype Mac Update

Musical Guest: Bev Barnett Greg Newlon with “Listen”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Hit the Ground Running”