LN-QRM #136: The Sound FX show

Recorded: 12 April 2014

Hosts: Joel, Barry & Michael


Barry – Break out the shorts!
Barry – Pheasant at the bird feeder
Barry – Sink holes in the bottom of the field almost swallowed up AM
Barry – Technical difficulties solved?
Barry – Last two podcasts finally completed
Barry – LN-QRM now available via BitTorrent Sync
Joel –  Found a great new show “ An Idiot Abroad” on Netflix
Joel – Wilson’s service engine soon light wont go off?? and won’t throw a code??
IRS paying back debts of your relatives from your refund!
Bottom Gear : Elvira is woken up for this years riding season.
Clash of Clans update
Ingress update

Musical Guest: Mike James with “So It Goes”

Theme Song: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band“Hit the Ground Running”


One thought on “LN-QRM #136: The Sound FX show”

  1. A strange sequence of events led to my running across your podcast. I have been listening to podcasts since back in 2005 or so. I loved adam curry daily sourcecode. He did a show a day or so and I could not possibly keep up listening to all of them. Whatever ones I did not listen to I saved. Today I felt like a trip into the past so listened to 3 of them while doing spring yard cleanup. Adam is so excited about podcasting in these shows. I loved the listener contributions and wish someone had a show like that now. I heard a promo for radioQRM from NH. I am from NH and I also podcast. I looked up the podcast and saw it seems to have died about the time many podcasters gave up. A little more google revealed a new podcast still active and that is how I am here. I will listen more but wanted to let you know there are other NH podcasters still active out here. I am at podteacher.com and my friend Brent is producing the NH Afterhours podcast.. also currently active. Be sure to check us out. I will have comments in the future. I would appreciate an email to write to however. I hope you will write me back at scott@podteacher.com

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